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Cashless Vending Machines Designed To Spark Attention & Increase Traffic While Creating A Revenue Stream With No Overhead!

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cigar vending machine medium size

Medium Size Cigar Vending Machine

6' tall and under 2' wide this vending machine is capable of serving over 300+ premium cigars and added space for cigar lighters, cutters and butane gas distribution making it an impressive Premium Cigar Store in a Box with No Over-Head!

cashless vending means no shrinkage

Cashless Vending

With easy to use (just follow the voice prompts) cashless vending you can rest easy that shrinkage is not an issue. And with low over-head the cost of adding this convenience to your members will sure  create a buzz among the cigar smokers at large!


Small Compact Sizes Available

Three different size machines are designed for any area. Pictured to the left is our "SMALL" type vending machine holding 10 different cigars for a total of 50 cigars in inventory!


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Cigar Vending Machines have a proven track record to increase traffic, spark interest and add a professional service to your cigar enjoying members! 


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